The Grey Company

The Grey Company are a newly formed adventuring band based at present in Fallcrest.

The main members currently consist of:

The following characters are often seen with them offering aid when required:

The following characters were originally members but have now mainly settled in Fallcrest, although they do remain strongly linked to the group.

Although only recently formed, they have already completed several commissions, including recovering a small wooden box for the Dwarf merchant Traevus that had been stolen by Goblins from the nearby The Twisting Halls, and aiding Sareth in her quest to recover a sword, which was a family heirloom stolen from her mother, from the ruins of the Kalton Manor, also known as the Ghost Tower, located on the eastern fringes of the Witchlight Fens.
Their next commission, again by the Dwarf merchant Traevus, had them return to the Ghost Tower, this time to recover an ancient tome known as the Anarusi Codex, a dark necromantic tome. This proved to be a costly commission as the Ghost of Anarus Kalton, believed to be the last Kalton, certainly the last to live at the Tower, was in life a powerful Necromancer! besides having a host of undead minions under his control to thwart the party, he was in death still a powerful shadow and found several of the young weak minds of the party easy to bend to his own will and set friend on friend resulting in several deaths! The group eventually won through, defeating Anarus and recovering the dread tome they were sent for. They returned to Fallcrest with their dead comrades, the tome and heavy hearts, several also had a heavy conscience.
On their return to Fallcrest, Father Ajora wasted no time leading the party to the House of the Sun where Grundelmar was able to convince Pelor, with the aid of a 1,000 gold piece offering, that the soules of the two departed members could serve the good folk of the Nentir Vale better in life than in death and so it was that they were raised to once again join their comrades.

The Grey Company

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