Nentir Vale

The Nentir Vale is an area of scattered settlements, some no more than a few woodsman’s huts, some once proud cities now no bigger than small towns, set amongst an expanse of wilderness where bandits and beasts roam free and often more menacing creatures are seen abroad. The Nentir Vale was once the northern tip of the vast empire of Nerath, but as that great empire declined so has the Nentir Vale.

The small town of Winterhaven lies at the western side of the Vale on the edge of the Cairngorn Peaks themselves a part of The Stonemarch who share the western border with the Ogrefist Hills, the large Dwarven city of Hammerfast, the entry point in to the Dawnforge Mountains lies on the eastern edge, to the north is the great Winterbole Forest and the small village of Nenlast on the shores of Lake Nen while in the southern part of the Vale is the great Harken Forest rubbing shoulders with the expanse of the Witchlight Fens.

There are twenty Deities recognised in the Nentir Vale, some more commonly revered than others. These include those worshiped by evil creatures as well as those of a more caring nature.

The central and main trading town is called Fallcrest, this is the starting point for most adventures or at least a stop off point to recover, buy and sell supplies, gather information etc.

Nentir Vale

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