Fallcrest stands amid the Moon Hills at the falls of the Nentir River. Here travellers and traders using the old King’s Road that runs north and south, the dwarven Trade Road from the east, and the Nentir River all meet. The surrounding ridges shelter several small valleys where farmers and woods folk live but few are more than six or seven miles from the town. In general the people outside Fallcrest’s walls earn their living by farming or keeping livestock, and the people inside the walls are artisans, labourers, or merchants. People with no other prospects can make a hard living as porters, carrying cargo from the Lower Quays to the Upper Quays or vice versa.

Fallcrest is the main Human town in the Nentir Vale and the crossroads for trade with most of the goods and supplies from the Vale passing through it’s walls and docks. Most of the goods coming in or out of the Vale do so up and down the Nentir River but have to be unloaded here at Fallcrest and carted around The Nentir Falls which are much to big for boats to navigate. Fallcrest imports finished goods from the larger cities downriver and ironwork from the dwarf city of Hammerfast, and exports timber, leather, fruit, and grain. It also trades with the nearby town of Winterhaven. The surrounding hills hold several marble quarries that once produced a good deal of stone, but the area has little demand for ornamental stone these days, and only a few stone cutters still practice their trade.

It was once a much larger city but much has been lost over the years due to decline, decay or occasional attacks, the last major attack being some ninety years ago during the Bloodspear War, the town is only now starting to recover from that attack. It now has a steady population of just over 1,300 being mostly Humans, Halflings and Dwarves but often has more within its crumbling walls due to the coming and going of merchants and adventurers so all races are found here at some point.

Fallcrest is divided into two districts by a steep bluff that cuts across the town. The area north of the bluff is known locally as Hightown. The district survived the then cities fall in relatively good shape, and was the first area resettled. To the south of the bluff lies Lowtown, which tends to be newer and poorer. In the event of a serious threat, people retreat up to Hightown, the bluff and the town walls completely ring this part of Fallcrest, making it highly defensible.

The town is currently run by Faren Markelhay who holds the hereditary title of Lord Warden. He has a town council to help with the general running of the town.

For those not permanent residents of the town, a bed for the night can be found, at a price of course, at either the Nentir Inn or the Silver Unicorn Inn. Those looking for food or drink can go to the Blue Moon Alehouse, the Lucky Gnome Taphouse or the taproom of the Nentir Inn.

Supplies can be bought and sold at the Halfmoon Trading House or Sandercot Provisioners.

Those looking for Divine inspiration can visit the Temple of Erathis dedicated to Erathis with shrines to Ioun and Moradin, the Moonsong Temple dedicated to Sehanine with shrines to Corellon, Avandra and Melora, or the House of the Sun dedicated to Pelor with shrines to Kord and Bahamut.

Location Key for the map of Fallcrest:

1. Tower of Waiting
2. Upper Quays
3. Five-Arch Bridge
4. Nentir Inn
5. Knight’s Gate
6. Silver Unicorn Inn
7. Halfmoon Trading House
8. Moonstone Keep
9. The Tombwood
10. House of the Sun
11. House Azaer
12. The Nentir Falls
13. Temple of Erathis
14. The Bluffs
15. The Catacombs
16. Moonsong Temple
17. Fallcrest Stables
18. Wizard’s Gate
19. Naerumar’s Imports
20. Kamroth Estate
21. Moonwash Falls
22. Septarch’s Tower
23. Blue Moon Alehouse
24. Teldorthan’s Arms
25. King’s Gate
26. The Market Green
27. Sandercot Provisioners
28. Lucky Gnome Taphouse
29. Lower Quays


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