Faren Markelhay

Male Human


Faren Markelhay is a middle aged human with a keen mind and a dry wit. He is the Lord Warden of Fallcrest and as such not only runs the town but also owns most of it! He is a powerful man but fair and is making some headway in to seeing Fallcrest recover from its almost total destruction during the Orc invasion during his grand fathers reign.

He takes a very hands on approach to the running of the town and although he has several councilmen and advisors, he is always busy personally overseeing all parts of the general running of the town. Although he is often considered blunt and to the point he is very much liked by the populous of the town who like to see their Lord out and about getting his hands dirty so to speak with the common folk, as a result most of the town are fiercely loyal to him.

His wife, the Lady Allande Markelhay, is the mother of his four children. She is a wizard who uses her arcane powers to advise him.

He resides in Moonstone Keep but he is often out and about around the town or attending the many visitors he receives, as such any who wish to visit him and talk in person may have a long wait in the queue but he will personally see any who wait to do so.

Faren Markelhay

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