The story so far...

I am running this for two groups so some content will be ahead of one group but behind another. Currently playing through the adventures from the D&D Red Box Edition, both parties have completed the solo adventure travelling with the Dwarf merchant Traevus and being ambushed by Goblins, they drove the Goblins off but discovered a small wooden box belonging to Traevus had been stolen. A mysterious rider had been watching the attack and left when the Goblins broke off. The adventurers were tasked with recovering the box from the Goblins and discovering the identity of the mysterious rider.

After an exploration of the area they discovered a Goblin lair in the nearby Moon Hills but soon found they needed more aid to complete their task. They got lost on their way back to Fallcrest so camped for the night hoping that better light would aid them in finding the trail. They were woken in the night to the sound of a cry for help, on going to investigate they found a female Elf fighting off a pack of Kobolds who had ambushed her, rushing to her aid they soon drove off the Kobolds. Her name was Sareth, and she was heading to an old ruin further to the south near the Witchlight Fens called the Ghost Tower, there she hoped to recover a blade that was stolen from her mother that should now be hers. They agreed to aid her in recovering her blade and travelled with Sareth to the Tower, there they soon found several types of undead, both outside and in, they did not have to travel far inside the ruined tower though to find the undead creature with her blade, they dispatched the creature and his minions, recovered the blade and headed back out of the tower. They noticed a stairwell descending deeper in to the ruined tower but decided to leave that for another time, instead returning to Fallcrest with Sareth’s guidance where they assembled a party and returned to the Goblin lair within the Moon Hills.

They soon discovered an ancient Minotaur temple in its depths called The Twisting Halls and started to explore.

At this point the story splits, one group has now finished clearing the The Twisting Halls and returned to Fallcrest while the other group has only just begun…


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